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Atlantic Blue Charter is the ultimate source for reliable and up-to-date North Carolina fishing reports. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate information to our customers, ensuring that they get the best possible fishing experience. We have a team of experienced anglers who are always on the lookout for new information, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our reports are as detailed and

comprehensive as possible. 


We get these questions a lot. What fish are running in NC? Does North Carolina have good fishing? What fish are in season now in NC? Well, in North Carolina, popular fish species that are commonly running include striped bass, red drum, speckled trout, flounder, and

bluefish. These abundant and sought-after fish provide thrilling opportunities for anglers in the waters of North Carolina. Explore our fishing reports to discover the exciting accounts of our guests as they reel in these incredible fish, sharing their firsthand experiences of landing these remarkable catches!


Based on our fishing reports, our busiest season for fishing is April-September. Our offshore experiences really kick off early summer for yellowfin tuna, sailfish and wahoo, but those inshore fish, like redfish, and bluefin tuna are biting consistently as soon as the sun is up

year-round. We understand that every angler has unique needs when it comes to fishing, so we make sure to provide information that is relevant to all types of fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting in the world of angling, you can trust Atlantic Blue Charter's North Carolina fishing reports to help you catch more fish.

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The schooling kings are thick! fishing report coverpicture

May 5, 2024

The schooling kings are thick!

We've had some nice weather last week and were able to push out some and really get on some fish! Spaniah and Bonito bite has been hot. We've been seeing a lot of schooling kings. Gulfstream bite has really been picking up. Great time of year to load up on mahi in the gulf stream! With a shorted grouper season, it's time to get offshore and get some put up in the freezer before the season is up. It's prime time to get offshore and fill some fis boxes!
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Spring is here! fishing report coverpicture

April 29, 2024

Spring is here!

With the water temperatures finally warming up, it's got the fish chewing. The spanish mackerel and Bonito bite has been on fire for the past few days. King markerel are starting to really show up too. The tuna and wahoo bite has been really well in the gulfstream. With the warmer water times in the gulfstream. It's prime time for mahi! Grouper season opens up may 1st. With the shorter season for grouper this year. We dont have long we can keep them. It's time to get offshore and get some fish on the deck!

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The fish are chewing! fishing report coverpicture

October 20, 2023

The fish are chewing!

We've been having an productive October when weather has allowed us to fish! We've having a very good Spanish and bonito bite on the beach. With a few kings mixed in. Alot of Schooling kings offshore. We still have a little bit of time to get some grouper before the season closes at the end of the month. the wahoo bite has been on fire out in the stream over the past few weeks and with more and more tuna showing up daily. Great time of year to get offshore and get on some fish!
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The fish are really getting riled up! fishing report coverpicture

June 1, 2023

The fish are really getting riled up!

Even with the unusual cool and windy spring. The fish have really shown up especially with these warmer Waters finally moving in. We've been seeing a lot of wahoo and mahi in the gulfstream. Offshore we've been seeing alot of king, Bonita, jacks and some cobia. And a good variety of bottom fish off the wrecks and living bottom. Nearshore we're still seeing a decent bonita bait. Spanish bait has been great with some bigger fish are started to show up too. Even been picking up a few Kings while we've Spanish fishing too! Definitely a great time of year to get offshore and enjoy it with some friends and family!
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Fish on fishing report coverpicture

May 27, 2023

Fish on

Our fishing trips have seen favorable Spanish mackerel activity and occasional sightings of Bluefish. To join in on the exciting action, feel free to contact us and book your adventure today.
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The fish are fired up! fishing report coverpicture

April 21, 2023

The fish are fired up!

WIth the warmer weather has gotten the fish really fired up offshore! We've been seeing a lot of Spanish mackerel and bonito right off the beach with more showing up everything day. The king markerel bite has been really good offshore with the fish really holding on wrecks and other structures. Grouper season will open up may 1st! so it's time to get some fish boxes full of them and many other bottom fish to go along with it. When weather has allowed and we've been able to get to the Gulfstream. We've been seeing nice size Schools off mahi. Wahoo and tuna are really starting to push through! It's prime time to get out to the Gulfstream and get on some really nice fish when weather will allow!
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Topsail Island Fishing Report fishing report coverpicture

March 13, 2023

Topsail Island Fishing Report

Topsail Island is a haven for anglers looking for a great fishing experience. With the fall season in full swing, bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper is an excellent way to put some dinner on the table. The cooler temperatures also mean that we start seeing Yellowfin tuna offshore. Grouper and Snapper are two of the most popular fish species that can be found in Topsail Island waters. They are bottom feeders and can be caught using traditional bottom fishing techniques such as drifting or anchoring over structure. For best results, use live bait or cut bait and drop it down to where they are feeding. Yellowfin tuna is one of the sought-after game fish in Topsail Island during this time of year. These hard-fighting fish can be found offshore around deep water structures like oil rigs, wrecks, and reefs.